The artisan liqueur , must respect some very important phases: boiling, infusion, rest and filtration. All this turns out to be a very complex job where the producer must devote care, experience and all his sensitivity in order to produce a excellent quality liqueur , renouncing the help of artificial colourings, thickeners and flavourings.

Our love for coffee prompted us to produce only one type of liqueur , focusing everything on the naturalness of the product, on the quality of the raw materials and following a recipe handed down by our grandparents, real producers of liquor for own use.

To guarantee the excellence and naturalness of the product, we purchase the raw materials exclusively from selected companies, we work them with slow and precise gestures that reflect those of our grandparents, rigorously by hand in the artisan laboratory.

A liquor unique with an alcohol content ranging from 17° to 32°, to be enjoyed after an excellent dinner or an evening with friends, or simply to create an excellent shaken coffee or make a yummy tiramisu.

We don't liquor out of necessity, but out of love, the same love that drove us to produce artisanal coffee of excellent quality with an intense flavour.