Pods for restaurants, small hotels or clubs!

Cialde per Ristoranti, piccoli Hotel o Circoli!

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We assume that the optimal extraction of the coffee beans (solution that TAMA Caffè recommends) can only be performed by true professionals in the sector, as far as the coffee in fact it can be roasted ad hoc respecting refined roasting profiles on the final result are influenced by: Grinding (which goes from the impalpable to the fine), Dosage (minimum 7.5 g), Pressing (20 Kg), Machine Pressure (9 atm) , Water Temperature (90°C), Extraction Time (25”-30”) and Cup Temperature (40°C).
Instead, we recommend the use of machines a ESE pods as ideal solution for small restaurants, hotels and for all places of aggregation that offer few espressos, but at the same time want to serve an impeccable coffee, not needing the technical-practical skills required by the barista's job, guaranteeing above all a very high constancy even in situations of discontinuous consumption, i.e. when the machine it is not constantly working.
The coffee beans , on the other hand, is particularly suitable in all those places where the daily consumption of coffee is high and the latter almost represents the main form of income for the business!

Let's analyze the benefits of ESE pods for these places:

  1. Performance – Constant Return.
    The extraction with the ESE pods method ensures an extraordinary result guaranteeing the security of an always perfect and standardized coffee from your roastery. In fact, regardless of consumption, the skill of the operator and the use, the extraction will be controlled by your supplier!

  2. Energy saving – They only light up when needed! The new pod machines are designed and studied to minimize energy waste, in fact in most cases the boiler is replaced by a heat exchanger, the latter allows us to turn on the machine even 15 minutes before use ( unlike traditional espresso bar machines which must never be turned off) or even turning on only one of the two groups (when, for example, the flow of customers is not very high). Furthermore, they do not require a grinder, further savings for the operator!

  3. Versatility – Small footprint, maximum efficiency! The pod machines have an ideal versatility in case catering or outdoor services are organised:
    • Ease of positioning: having an internal tank, the machine does not need to be connected to the water mains.
    • Ease of handling: the weight, but above all the dimensions are contained. Ordinary maintenance practically non-existent, if not the foresight to leave the filters clean where the pod rests

  4. Easy to use – No grinding, grammage and pressing required! The staff need not be trained and experienced, with the ESE pod system any operator in your team can prepare the coffee, it is in fact sufficient to insert the pod to obtain a state-of-the-art espresso.

  5. Variety of blends – Changing has never been so easy! With the traditional bar machine, a single Blend is usually offered due to the difficulty of setting up different grinders at different times of the day. Ease of changing coffee blends (One for each taste of each of your customers!) or simply switching from a coffee to a decaffeinated to a barley.

How much do these pods cost me though?

Starting from the assumption that we have seen together: in the pods we have no waste! Because each coffee, being individually packaged, maintains its fragrance and body!
In the 1Kg bean system, approximately 133 coffees are obtained (1000g / 7.5g = 133.33) from which obviously the coffees rejected due to defects in grinding or weight must be removed!
Assuming a consumption of 400 espressos per week we will obtain that 3Kg of coffee beans (400 espressos) certainly cost less than 400 ESE pods But on balance we can guarantee you that coffee beans become convenient (savings described above) only if you consume about 5 /6 kg per week. On the other hand, the passion and the desire to offer Specialty Coffees are different, but this is a completely different matter! Which we will definitely deal with.

For the moment Happy Coffee everyone!

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