How to prepare a perfect espresso !

Come preparare un espresso perfetto !

In Italy, the figure of the barman is often represented by improvised operators, without any preparation, ignoring that the work of the barman requires experience, technical skills, knowledge in the management, control and ordinary maintenance of the products and equipment necessary for the preparation of the ' express .

Today we will talk about the fundamental phases for obtaining a "perfect espresso" in the cup


The choice of a qualitatively excellent blend is essential, but it is not enough to obtain an excellent espresso coffee. In fact, the blend would be ruined during extraction into the cup if there were gaps in the subsequent phases.

A good coffee blend must however have a rich aromatic complex, a nice cream, a full body and a long and pleasant persistence on the palate.


The grinding phase is a very delicate phase, it varies according to the climatic conditions and of course the chosen blend. It may happen that it has to be changed several times in a working day.

When we choose the grind it is important to adjust with the dosage, especially if we have an on demand grinder, if for example we tighten the grind, the time necessary to grind the dose lengthens.


This too depends on the type of blend and the roasting curve used by your trusted roaster. Lighter roasts also need 8 g to develop the complex of aromas, on the contrary for more intense roasts (used above all in industries that tend to cover the strengths and weaknesses of coffee) even 7 g may be enough.


Before pressing, it is essential to distribute the ground correctly. Having a block of coffee with a homogeneous density is the first step to avoid the phenomenon of " Channeling " or that the water finds preferential routes in our block of coffee and does not go to extract all the soluble components correctly.

To level the coffee we can:

  • Lightly tap the filter holder on the forks of the coffee grinder
  • Give small taps with your hand
  • Use your fingers in 4 simple movements (right, left, up, down)
    In the effective English expression: tap, tamp and twist , or "press and rotate stake".

Only then perform a correct pressing of the ground placed in the filter (15-24kg)


The moment you extract the coffee the view indicates instantly if the latter has been extracted perfectly " rat tail " with a volume of about 30 cc in 25/30 seconds.

After extraction, the hazelnut color of the cream is highlighted by the white of the porcelain cup.

Good coffee to all coffee lovers!

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