Because the teaspoon has to be served, not just for sugar

Cucchiaino caffè espresso

Today we'll talk about a false myth about espresso and why it's necessary to use a teaspoon even for those who don't use sugar.

When we do a expressed the first drops that come out of the spout are incredibly dense and settle on the bottom of the cup, as the extraction continues the liquid will gradually become less dense, it is easy to understand that if we don't mix it, the first sip will be the last part of the extraction that will have a lower body and sweetness, with each sip it will improve until we reach the final part where we will find the fabulous acidic complex.

This is why it is important to mix the coffee beforehand so that every single sip is balanced and balanced.

We have seen many people swirling their espresso without a spoon, as is done in wine, the problem is that this method does not work, the cups mixed with the spoon result both when tasted and by objective measurements made with the refractometer where the TDS ( in the espresso strength must be between 8% and 12%) better, with a strength however superior.

This swirling technique is a method used in wine, in order to volatilize the aromatic complex by releasing the odorous substances which however remain trapped inside the glass, with the coffee and the classic espresso cup does not happen the same.

There is another way to mix without a spoon but be careful you could risk letting the spoon out coffee out of the cup, start a fast and strong vortex until the contents of the cup keep moving, then immediately whirl strongly in the opposite direction, this stops the flow, introduces turbulence and reverses it, if you repeat two or three times you gets a pretty good blend.

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